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Product Review: Diaper Creams

If your little gets diaper rash, you know this takes diaper changing from an unpleasant experience to a downright horrific one for all involved. With double the bums, we have seen our share of diaper rash and tried just about every product out there.

Here’s the combo that works best for us:


Step 1: Cavilon Barrier Cream

Who knew that 3M went beyond Scotch tape and Post-It notes?! This cream creates a waterproof barrier and only needs to be used once a day. A little goes a long way – a tube lasts us about 5 months. We put a little on the boys after their evening bath and it’s made a huge difference.  You can get it from Shoppers Home Health stores.

Step 2: Skin Fix

This product is amazing! Not only does it work better than any other cream we’ve tried, but it’s totally natural and a Canadian product too. It’s a little on the expensive side, but definitely a worthwhile investment to keep the rash at bay. We slather this on with each diaper change and after applying the Cavilon cream at bedtime.  Not all drugstores carry it but some pharmacies can special order it for you. We get our supply from our local Zehrs Market.

Hope this helps you banish the rash and keep everybody happy!

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