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Rediscovering the Sacred

on December 19, 2013

Cupboards are waiting for clean dishes and drawers are waiting for clean clothes, but everyone is still asleep on this December morning and I’m thankful for this rare respite from the busyness, where my fingers can be the conduit for some of my recent reflections.

Christmas is fast approaching but I’ve been thinking about it since July. Not in the ‘getting all my shopping done early’ sense, but more so in the ‘becoming a parent changes the way you look at everything’ sense. Isn’t it amazing how that happens? If you’re like me, you have heard the Christmas story more times than you can count. And I’m ashamed to admit that somewhere between Sunday school pageants and Christmas Eve liturgy, the sacred became familiar. The details became so rote that I often viewed it’s retelling as little more than tradition. I no longer paused to consider and appreciate the significance of the event that set in motion the greatest love story ever told.

But over the past five months, as I’ve nursed hungry mouths, kissed tiny fingers, and changed countless diapers, my eyes have been opened afresh to the beautiful paradox of Jesus coming to earth as a baby. I can’t help but marvel at the stark contrasts between the circumstances surrounding the birth of my sons and the birth of their Lord. We had the assistance of an entire medical team and state of the art technology. Jesus had a young and inexperienced mother and a nervous father who probably wasn’t much help. We had fresh linens and temperature-controlled isolettes. Jesus had a cold, filthy feed trough for a bed.  We were surrounded by loved ones to celebrate the twins’ long-awaited arrival. Jesus was welcomed by complete strangers. Are you beginning to fathom the irony? Our Provider, dependent on His mother for the most basic of human needs.  Our Comforter, crying out for comfort. Our Ever-Present Help, completely helpless. And the only thing I can conclude from this is that He loves us so much. What but love would motivate our Saviour, the King of kings, to come to earth as a humble babe, stripped of all His glory and power, born to die?

I hope that this year, the Christmas story will be so much more than a story to you – that you will take a moment to rediscover the sacred mystery of Emmanuel, God with us, and sense His love in a profound new way.


2 responses to “Rediscovering the Sacred

  1. Amazing. Love this Ali. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Diane Pierce says:

    Very true and something, ironically, that our pastor has been talking about!

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